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Shelf Space a.k.a. Location, Location, Location

November 30, 2012


The growth in the number of craft breweries may lead to an expanded variety of beers but that does not mean that consumers will be able get their hands on them. As of August there were 1,303 breweries in planning – there are currently 2,142 breweries in the US. Where are all these breweries going […]

China and Beer: A Quick Look at a Complex Topic

October 3, 2012


It is both surprising and obvious that China is the biggest beer market in the world. Surprising because beer is heavily associated with European culture (at least from an American and Western-centric perspective), obvious because China is the most populous country in the world. In 2011 50 billion liters of beer were consumed in China. […]

a focus on Premium as the industry contracts

May 9, 2012


  Earlier in the year I looked at Anheuser-Busch InBev’s U.S. strategy after Coors Light replaced Budweiser as the number two beer in the country, in volume. In this news I saw the colorings of AB InBev’s strategy of focusing on profit. At the time, volume and sales numbers were not available from AB InBev, […]

Born-again beer drinkers and appreciating the multiple aspects of beer

April 17, 2012


Those recently converted to craft beer can be as fanatical as any born-again religious fundamentalist. As though repenting for what they see as years of immoral consumption of macro lager, they lament, “Oh, what have I done? All those evenings wasted! But now I know better, and will never let the swill of macro lager […]

Listening to the Label

March 23, 2012


Over the last few years there has not only been an expansion in breweries and styles, but also in the types of packaging. Years ago it seemed that in the domestic craft beer section there were six-packs of glass bottles and a few 22oz bottles. The specialty (by “specialty” I do not mean imports like […]

A brew by any other name

February 13, 2012


On an interpersonal level, there are few things that can start a beer-related argument as easily as the opinion on tasting/judging to style. This basically comes down to there being two basic opinions about how to assess the overall quality of a beer: Is this a good beer? Or, Is this a good (style of […]

Alternative Finance for Alternative Beer

February 3, 2012


A brewery may start with a passion for beer, but money is needed to get that beer made and consumed. The past few years has seen an incredible expansion in the craft beer industry and it does not appear to be slowing down, at the end of 2011 there were 915 breweries in planning.1 Paradoxically […]